About Us

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Oak & Ivy

Hi! We're Danielle and Shane; wildly in love coffee fueled adventure addicts who are passionate about surrounding ourselves with people living rad, authentic love stories. 

So, why Oak & Ivy? 

Shane's deep rooted strength of character creates a stability that my natural wild child tendencies cling to. He is honorable, curious, wise, loves me wholly and without apology. He makes me laugh constantly and at the most inappropriate times. He is the best adventure partner and always brings me back home. I look up to him. He is my safe harbor. My True North. He is my Oak. 

My life trajectory has been twisty. I have a gypsy soul and always feel the tug of adventure. I dance to the beat of my own drum. I find beauty in imperfection and order in chaos. I thrive in harsh environments and am evergreen. I believe in fantasies and miracles and beautiful surprises from the universe. I am Shane's Ivy.


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Couples Who Adventure Together, Stay Together

When we're not out on location, you'll find us hiking with our dogs, riding our dirt bikes, celebrating the success of our kids, skiing, enjoying the respite of our apple orchard, frequenting some local pubs, sweating at our favorite CrossFit gym, hosting dinner parties and game nights with our family, kicking back with a good book and some of our homemade vino letting the vinyl spin; ultimately maximizing the deposits we make in our memory banks, together. (Did I mention we drink a lot of coffee?)

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Love Is An Adventure!

The PNW is a treasure trove of rugged beauty and we have the lay of the land!

We're chomping at the bit to share some of our favorite locales with you OR tag along to your favorite location to capture your vows.

As Tolkien said -

“Not all who wander are lost."